How do I know when a Student Athlete has HIGHLIGHTED my athletic program, and what do the different Trophy icons represent?

Your College/University and your athletic programs are already featured in GETHIGHLIGHTED’s nationwide database. A demonstration of the GETHIGHLIGHTED college search engine, reciprocal matchmaking platform, and Student Athlete Dashboard can be found here

When a Student Athlete HIGHLIGHTS your College/University’s athletic program, you will be notified via email. Registered coaches will gain immediate access to the Student Athlete’s Player Profile.

Please note: The Player Profiles of Student Athletes who HIGHLIGHT your college/university are automatically batched and sent weekly (or more frequently) to your email on file.

The solid-filled trophy icon is an indicator of interest by either the College Coach or the Student Athlete)

The star-filled trophy icon indicates a reciprocal match, whereby the College Coach and the Student Athlete have HIGHLIGHTED one another.

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